Thank You

Thank you, everyone.

1 Cor 11:2 NLT
11 2 I am so glad that you always keep me in your thoughts,

I want to thank all of the people that have called to check on me and my family in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. From the least to the greatest, your calls and prayers were so appreciated. I watched people like Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares, Houston work unceasingly and unselfishly to aid and assist ALL who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. You can learn so much about compassion from this man of God. I watched all of his updates and was encouraged seeing love in action. With all that his city Houston is dealing with, he has even contacted me directly to see if there is anything that he can do to help with our situation her in Jacksonville as a result of Hurricane Irma. Much love and respect for Doug Stringer, servant of God.
For a few days I had no phone service but when it came back online there were many texts and voice mails that let me know that people do care and people do genuinely love people. I’ve been busy and not able to respond to all, so I’d thought I’d thank as many as I can on this fashion.
Here is the verse that motivated me to write.

Prov 17:17 NLT
17 A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need.
Friends are loyal. I’m gonna do what a lot of people won’t do for the fear of over looking someone. These names just come to my head. People that called and reached out to me and my family during the storm. I just want them to know that I am grateful. (There are many others who called and we talk on a regular basis and I can’t name them all, but here are just a few that did touch my heart in a special way).

Names that come to mind outside of the lower 48:
Pastor Tom Deuschle, Zimbabwe, Africa, (Dealing with his own countries challenges). Pastor Larry Sabastian, Melbourne, Australia, Pastor Cal Chinen, Honolulu, Hawaii, Pastor Lester Cox, Nassau, Bahamas.

Pastors and friends from around the states constantly checking in on us, Pastor John Gray, Houston, Texas, (Dealing with his own cities crisis). Pastor Tracy Adkins, New Jersey, Pastor David Anderson, Baltimore, Pastor Randy Morrison, Minnesota, Pastor John Ogletree, Houston, (Also Affected by Harvey), Donearl Johnson, Michigan, Pastor James Morman, Michigan, Paula Woodfolk, Virginia, Pastor Anthony Knotts, North Carolina, Pastor Jermaine Johnson, Baltimore, Bishop Richard Howell, Minnesota, Pastor Gene Johnson, Houston, Montreal Alls, Tallahassee, Bishop Al Blue, Texas, Scott Hinkle, Arizona, Greg Pagh, Minnesota, Bishop Merton Clark, Palm Bay, (Hit hard in Palm Bay by Irma and still checking in with me). James Fortune, Houston, Bishop Eric Garnes, New York, Pastor Herbert Bailey, South Carolina, Pastor Anthony Maclin, Maryland, Udoka Azuibuke, Kansas, Pastor Corey Brooks, Chicago, Stacey Johnson, Houston, Alice Patterson, San Antonio, Pastor Paul Dean, New Jersey, Pastor Bryant and Belena Ali, New Jersey, Pastor John Troy Gray, Ohio.
Others that blessed me with a call or text or post outside of our area were God’s servants like:

Bishop David Evans, Alabama, Mathew Kurrivilla, Texas/India, Lucinda Moore, Carolina, Dr. Candance Lewis, Tampa, Pastor Timothy Williams, Michigan, The great servant of God, Anderson Watts, New Orleans, Coleen Johnson, Philadelphia, Hope Elliot, Orlando, Isaac Williams, Connecticut, T.J. Hudson, Indiana, Felicia Warren, Hawaii, Irene Allen, New York, many others locally who are friends and sons and daughters in ministry. And many more who couldn’t get through because of the phone problems because of the storm.

I just wanted to take the time out to personally say, thank you for your friendship and love for me and my family and ministry. Hopefully this storm will bring us even closer together because we are going to need it in the future.
Here is what I’ve learned from these unprecedented storms.
(It’s an excerpt from a message I preached last night entitled:
“There are some things that a storm can’t destroy”:
“In this life there are going to be storms. There is a principle of first natural, then spiritual. If this trend is true, then we need to get ready. If there are now unprecedented natural occurrences rocking our natural world, then we need to prepare ourselves for unprecedented spiritual occurrences that’s coming to rock our spiritual world.”
(We are going to need each other in the near future, it’s coming.) Stay close and keep loving on people like you loved on us. Your prayers, calls and offers to assist in any fashion, blessed me.
Your friend and brother.

—Vaughn McLaughlin